Hathor is a new Egyptian skincare and holistic wellness brand founded in 2020. Hathor is the only brand that manufactures all natural-cold pressed oils that are certified as food grade and can be used for therapeutic holistic purposes. Every product in this line uses natural ingredients and innovative science to deliver micro- and macronutrients as if they were fresh off the vine, root, or tree. We respect plants and nature and try to use the most natural and ecofriendly packaging that does not harm the environment. Hathor is founded by a young mother who believes in supporting female women throughout the country by creating dignifying work opportunities for those struggling. We work with female artisans for our handmade ceramic candle diffusers, plates, and handmade candles. We believe that a product with a purpose is more beautiful than just a product that does not add value in other peoples lives. Inspired by the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood, Beauty, Fertility, and Magic, Hathor is a beauty brand that empowers young beautiful woman across the country.

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  • Hatshepsut Box 700EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Hathor
    Box Includes: 1 Garden cress 15ml 1 Queen Tiye oil 1 Sun care hair mist 1 Coconut oil 15ml 1 lavender oil 15ml 1 Palm wax melts fondue 1 Wooden lid candle (tranquil)
  • Nefertiti Natural Beauty Gift Set 500EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Hathor
    Box Includes: 1 Almond oil 15ml 1 Sesame oil 15ml 1 Cellulite oil 1 Jade roller 1 Handmade soap 1 Sun protection potion SPF 50 1 Beeswax candle size small
  • Cleopatra Box 1,400EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Hathor
    Box Includes: 1 Hand sanitizer coconut. 1 Sacred rose water face tonic 1 Sun protection potion SPF 50 1 Hand due set (hand lotion +hand wash) coconut vanilla 1 Jojoba oil 30ml 1 Hand cream 2 Lotus scented candles 1 Scrub the reviver 1 Palm wax melts
  • Hair Gift Set 380EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Hathor
    Includes: 1. Queen Tiye’s Hair Oil (a formulation concocted in collaboration with The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.) Our hair oil mix is made of 13 grade cold pressed oils made to enhance the hair in 3 weeks. Hydrate, lengthen, thicken, nourish, heal split ends and treat any scalp irritations. Nobody does it like the Ancient Egyptians! 2. Our Mystical Hair SPF ; Hathor’s SPF 14 Breath 3. Our best selling garden cress hair oil
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