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  • Mother Of Pearl Small Backgammon 2,000EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Berti
    Handmade wooden backgammon inlaid with mother of pearl, complete with chips, small Dimensions: 23 x 23.5 x 3

    In stock

  • 3alam Mowazi Game 165EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Makouk
    We are currently in an absurd moment. We have the need to understand many facts about a wide range of things and nobody seems to be getting it. This role-play game though, will place us in situations through which we try to explain different things to a random group of people in a new location every time. The location also contains random objects. And every turn there is a new learning objective. We have to impersonate and reach the learning objective before the time runs out. “Parallel Universe was produced during a project for educational development through games, and it helps teachers and other educators build their facilitation skills. This game was produced in partnership with Drosos Foundation. Number of players: 6-15 Language: Arabic Playing time 45 minutes Age group: 12+
  • The Million Square Km Map Game 154EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Makouk
    The million square kilometer map is a small window, through which you can see many things: things we didn’t know existed, things in our memory, and many things around us. The 68cm x 80cm poster visually portrays social, cultural and economic scenes around Egypt as well as landmarks, people, animals, birds and trees. A product for all ages that changes the way we look at our country and its map. Packed in a recycled tube where you can re-use its packaging over and over again. *This is the Arabic version, all text is written in Arabic! Dimensions : 72*7 Age group : 12+
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    Mother Of Pearl Medium Chessboard 1,600EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Berti
    Handmade wooden chess board inlaid with mother of pearl, complete with chess set and suede carrying/storage case Dimensions: Board: 30 x 30 x 2 Case: 34.5 x 34.5 x 6

    Out of stock

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    Backgammon The Big Night 980EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Venita
    Backgammon/The Big Night Dimensions : 46×32 CM Material : Canvas/Leather/Wood

    Out of stock

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