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    Puzzle 433EGP incl. VAT Sold By : The Giftery Outlet
    Puzzle games 70p

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  • Deluxe World Scratch Map 365EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Travel Garage
    Travelling in luxurious style is everybody’s idea of bliss, now scratch off and record the amazing places you have visited around the world using the classy and stylish Scratch Map Deluxe Edition. This is a must have for those who love to jet-set around the globe, and wish to fondly take a glimpse at past memories. With a slick, black background and scratch-off copper foil revealing many colourful countries and islands, this is truly personalised to you. With the same amazing features that made the original Scratch Map so great, the Deluxe Edition offers a more sleek and modern look, with extra geographical details such as land and ocean relief, and general facts offering you a wider view of where you have travelled to. Features One Scratch Map Deluxe Edition Material: Laminate, Card, Colored Foil, Plastic Matte Paper Large, highly detailed map Fascinating infographics at bottom of map colorfully showing facts and information about the land and oceans Packaged in slick Gift Poster Tube An inspirational gift for all travelers Dimensions: 82.5 x 59.5 cm

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  • 100 Movies Scratch-off Poster Game 342EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Travel Garage
    This poster consists of 100 of the most iconic films ever made. The objective is to scratch-off the boxes corresponding to the movies you’ve already seen, and then start watching the ones you haven’t seen until you’ve scratched off all 100 movies! It’s the perfect gift for your cinephile friends who claim to have seen all the movies. Give them a challenge Size: A2 (42×59.4cm

    In stock

  • 3alam Mowazi Game 165EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Makouk
    We are currently in an absurd moment. We have the need to understand many facts about a wide range of things and nobody seems to be getting it. This role-play game though, will place us in situations through which we try to explain different things to a random group of people in a new location every time. The location also contains random objects. And every turn there is a new learning objective. We have to impersonate and reach the learning objective before the time runs out. “Parallel Universe was produced during a project for educational development through games, and it helps teachers and other educators build their facilitation skills. This game was produced in partnership with Drosos Foundation. Number of players: 6-15 Language: Arabic Playing time 45 minutes Age group: 12+
  • 7areef El 7uruf Game 165EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Makouk
    7areef el 7uruf is a dice game where you play with Arabic letters and challenge your friends to form words, stories and poems. A fun filled pocket sized tin can with 4 different fast paced dice games that anyone over 10 years old can enjoy. Age: 12 + Dimensions: 10*5.3
  • Dystopia Game 275EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Makouk
    Dystopia is a strategy game for 2-5 players where the Earth has been destroyed and its resources are running out! Food, electricity and water have become scarce. Pollution is on the increase, and Earth can no longer sustain life There is hope though… In order to save humanity from extinction cities will provide two spaceships to search for new planets we can live on. But there’s a catch! The spots on the spaceships are limited! The resources that you will need on that journey is the only way to guarantee a spot on the spaceship. You, the citizens, will compete to collect the needed resources to guarantee yourself a spot in the new world! Dimensions : 18*18*5.5
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    Royal Chess Board 570EGP incl. VAT Sold By : Earth Gallery
    40 x 40 wood Hand-painted

    Out of stock

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