Cilantro is Egypt’s first and leading homegrown Western style coffee shop chain, offering gourmet coffee, a variety of beverages and a selection of fresh sandwiches, salads, pastries, desserts, and snacks. Our purpose is to DELIVER MAGIC MOMENTS EVERYDAY THROUGH OUTSTANDING HOSPITALITY, DELICIOUS PRODUCTS OF BEST VALUE AND GREAT CONVENIENCE. In 2000, Cilantro introduced the concept of “Chain Coffee Shops” to the Egyptian market with its first branch located in the heart of Zamalek; a branch that started the evolution of the coffee shop scene in Egypt and continued to the new modernized coffee shop approach thereby paving the way for many national and international chains to penetrate the market. Today, Cilantro has over 85 branches across Egypt, serving more than 4 million visitors per year; striving to cater to different demographics through its different brands and formats in streets, malls, gas stations, educational facilities, corporate and office buildings.

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